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Ridiculously close but not quite

This is ALMOST a working easy space measurement app. I tried the room measurement scanner...first off, it takes forever to map the floor surface even in highly lit rooms. Then when that was done, I started to drop the points to note the corners of the room...but for no apparent reason, the app MOVED the points around as I circled. When I came back to the first point to close the outline, it had somehow been moved like two feet to the left and about a foot off the ground. Utterly useless. And the tutorials make no mention of this problem or any way to compensate for or stop it. This is yet another failed attempt at an easier spatial mapping app for a phone. I literally could have measured all three bedrooms and living room of my new house with a pencil, pad and old fashioned measuring tape in the time it took me to finally get a single (wrong) scan of a single room. Junk.

App Review for TapMeasure

I love this app I use it for my work in the USA & Europe Katy Craan

Good enough for a quick approximation

The results were good enough for a quick approximation. Of course you wouldn't use an app like this for precise measurements.

Where have you been all my life?!?

I ❤️ LOVE 💗 love 💕 L-O-V-E this app. !!! So incredibly cool - love the 3D room view! Very useful and fun.

Don’t waste your time

I’m not stupid but I can’t accurately do anything except measure a distance on the floor. I tried to level a picture and it keeps referring me to a tutorial about measuring the floor. Not easy to use and not intuitive. I didn’t find it particularly accurate and it sure isn’t easy to use. I’ll keep trying but don’t have high expectations for it.

More accurate than I but not as readily available

The app worked great when I First downloaded it I put it to a measurement test with a piece of metal I had and it said 4’1” so I brought it down an inch because I figured it would be 4 foot even the I used a measuring tape and the metal piece was 4’1” exactly but now when I try to use it it constantly says initializing tracking but never loads

Not accurate. Disappointed.

I’ve tried several locations - plenty of light. Great concept but it’s not magic. Technology just isn’t there yet.

Good app, but.......

We want more functions!

Doesn’t work for walls

I have tried everything to get it to work to measure a wall, but it can only measure things on the floor, not very helpful.

Non functioning app

This app is still off. It tells me that my 3 foot table measures in at almost 30 feet. I have had three people try this with this iPhone 6s and no go. Maybe one day this will work, but I'm not holding my breath.


Wow, truly amazed. So simple to use and seems to just work. Nice work!

Good app

This was one of the first at apps on the App Store and it wasn’t that accurate at first, but I tried it out later and their accuracy had improved a lot! I would highly recommend this app.

Great idea but needs some work still

The app works well for the most part. Needs some work when it comes to low light and some surfaces don’t work well. Some of the perspectives can make the measurement off. Maybe a predictive modeler that gives some points for reference may help. I do love this idea though. Keep up the good work.

Please add objects in space option

Would be awesome to scan the walls, then the windows, and then the stuff like kitchen counters, beds, and dressers as separate groups in the model! These could even be measured as 2-point rectangles instead of 4 uneven lines, and then the option to set the height. Also, an option to take a picture of the space with the dimensions overlaid (instead of having to screenshot).

Great idea

Needs work . Measurements are way off . Hopefully technology will improve and maybe someday it’ll be good .

More accurate than others I’ve tried

I’m not sure why but this tool has been more accurate than others that I have tried. I'm still not ready to throw away my tape measure, but this is a handy tool to have in your pocket! Very useful. Remember to move slowly and smoothly when taking measurements. That helps a lot.

False advertising

Greatly disappointed about how inaccurate and inconsistent this app “measures”.

Most useful AR app

I’ve used this to make a rough measurement of my apartment’s square footage, and I plan on using it in an upcoming apartment search so I can objectively compare spaces. It’s really hard to get the square footage of a space with weird shapes and nooks, but with this app it’s easy!

Very inaccurate

I tried it around my living room and it is saying that half the wall is 25ft tall lol, when it should be about 6’ definitely does not work. Deleting.

Love it!!

Easy accurate and a super awesome tool

Would pay for it

Very good app. Feeling will get to one of these apps you cant live without. Keep the good work!!

Easy to use but needs fine tuning on accuracy

Insanely nice to use. But needs fine accurate measurements and some rough bug fixes otherwise 9/10 .

Focus is stuck at a very close distance

I can’t use this app because it locks the focus in to the shortest distance. Things are only in focus with this app if I have my camera right up to them, which is pretty useless. Cool concept (seen it before, but this app seems like it knows what it’s doing more)

Great Concept. Decent Accuracy.

This app has an EPIC concept that has been well implemented in a smooth, easy to use app. After installing I did a few test measurements around home with a traditional tape measurer in hand to double check the app’s results. The app’s measurements were consistently about an inch off, thus the knock in stars. For my layperson purposes the app gets close enough and I will continue to use it with hopes that continued dev will improve accuracy. To the makers: Thanks for your hard work and for finally replacing the clunky tape measurer I can never seem to find when needed!

I so wanted this to work but nope.

I think this idea is genius. In theory this would be so ideal because when ever I need to measure something I can’t seem to find a tape measure. I could not get it to work on the iPhone X

Sci-Fi Cool!

I think this app is a sci-fi cool! I had no idea I could generate a 3-D model of my homes floorplan in three minutes. Yes, the measurements are sometimes a little bit off, but that is being picky. “Measure twice, cut once.“

Inaccurate - Dealbreaker

I expected more from this team, they were a quiet, head’s down company working on what promised to be great AR/VR blended hardware. However, this app fails time and again (I keep trying it ever since the launch of iOS 11.) The truth is, it’s too inaccurate to be of real use. Plain and simple.

not working

3 for effort, and nice tutorials (insted of 1) picture looks too dark, hard to detect brown square table and measure length. first points “moves” even if corner has enough contrast and the lighting is good.

Greate start

Still needs some work but off to a great start


Works like magic (with some bugs though). Definitely worth trying out

Very cool and helpful

This app proved really handy in getting a rough measurement of my living room for a flooring job. It can be a little fiddly if you don’t have good lighting in the room - getting it to detect surfaces at the start is problematic if the surfaces are reflecting too much or the room is too dim. But when it’s working, it’s really slick.

Handy to have in my pocket

Writing this review after using the app for a few weeks. I must say that I’m really happy to be using this rather than going to the closet and looking for a tape measure. What a great idea. The UI is pretty intuitive and I find that I can use it quickly now. I have also played around with the floor plan creator and it’s a really cool concept for DIY. Great product — give it a try!

Simple easy and effective measurements

Easy uncluttered Interface makes it easy to measure distances (between walls, size of object etc) Feature Requests for App developers: Add a 3-axis cross hair to the point selector to help accurately align the point with a corner. Add optional grid lines, aligned to the floor or wall, so measurements can be made along a level plane.

Doesn’t work w iPhone 8 Plus

I just bought this app in good faith and now I regret it. After opening it stays on a front loading screen that says “Swipe to continue” faded out (as if still loading?) and it doesn’t recognize my finger. I’ve pressed multiple ways and times. Closed and reloaded. Nothing. Doesn’t work If you have a new iPhone or the new OS don’t bother.

Great time saver

This is a great tool for me to quickly measure for my estimates. I would say it is pretty accurate as far as the measuring. Very handy and hopefully they add some more cool features but for the most part really enjoy it! Thanks

Works Perfectly

Just make sure you have enough light in the room which you should anyway if you need to measure something and it will do its job. Great app!

Never detects

Just sits there trying to detect no matter the room or the lighting and does nothing. I’ve looked at your support page. No help. Waste of money! PLEASE REFUND.


The wall level feature is insanely cool

Didn’t work even once

I love throwing money away! This stupid app didn’t work even one time on my iPhone 8. All it said was could find any flat surfaces. Hello? I’m pointing directly at the floor in a perfectly lite room. Waste!


The measurement tool is pretty nice but it works on the horizontal axis which confuses people like me first time. Other than that other tool works pretty fine but it’s laggy sometimes.

Does not work

Only says “Initializing track... move gently” and never does anything on an iPhone 6S.


The idea is great!! Like the idea of world peace, it don’t work. Simple test, stand in one place and measure, move a little and remeasure 3 times three different lengths, no where near actual.👎👎👎

Bull... I want my $2 back.

I got excited. It probably was the yellow color and overall branding that convinced me to waste my money. The app did not work in my house. I tried pointing at almost everything including my hand and arm. Nothing worked.

Good accuracy but still needs some work

First of all thumbs up for fairly accurate measurements. Vertical measurement is on top priority.

Just doesn’t measure up



I can’t believe how ridiculously cool this is. I’ve used Occipital’s 360 pano app for years, I’m so glad to see they came out with another totally cool app! It far surpasses my expectations, I didn’t know phones could do this sort of thing

Doesn’t work on air2

This app doesn’t work on iPad Air 2 anymore !

nice quick floor plan

measured my room and saved the plan so I can bring it up on my phone when I go to ikea this weekend. worked well for me and seems accurate. had to guesstimate the corners covered with furniture, maybe why the plan looks a little skewed. wish there was a 90-degree corner mode or something. still, way better than a tape measure pencil and paper

Not to be trusted

The Measuring of inch's is very inaccurate, I literally did a 12 inch Ruler and it was off by an inch.

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