TapMeasure – AR utility App Reviews

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Very inaccurate

I tried it around my living room and it is saying that half the wall is 25ft tall lol, when it should be about 6’ definitely does not work. Deleting.

Love it!!

Easy accurate and a super awesome tool

Would pay for it

Very good app. Feeling will get to one of these apps you cant live without. Keep the good work!!

Easy to use but needs fine tuning on accuracy

Insanely nice to use. But needs fine accurate measurements and some rough bug fixes otherwise 9/10 .

Focus is stuck at a very close distance

I can’t use this app because it locks the focus in to the shortest distance. Things are only in focus with this app if I have my camera right up to them, which is pretty useless. Cool concept (seen it before, but this app seems like it knows what it’s doing more)

Great Concept. Decent Accuracy.

This app has an EPIC concept that has been well implemented in a smooth, easy to use app. After installing I did a few test measurements around home with a traditional tape measurer in hand to double check the app’s results. The app’s measurements were consistently about an inch off, thus the knock in stars. For my layperson purposes the app gets close enough and I will continue to use it with hopes that continued dev will improve accuracy. To the makers: Thanks for your hard work and for finally replacing the clunky tape measurer I can never seem to find when needed!

I so wanted this to work but nope.

I think this idea is genius. In theory this would be so ideal because when ever I need to measure something I can’t seem to find a tape measure. I could not get it to work on the iPhone X

Sci-Fi Cool!

I think this app is a sci-fi cool! I had no idea I could generate a 3-D model of my homes floorplan in three minutes. Yes, the measurements are sometimes a little bit off, but that is being picky. “Measure twice, cut once.“

Inaccurate - Dealbreaker

I expected more from this team, they were a quiet, head’s down company working on what promised to be great AR/VR blended hardware. However, this app fails time and again (I keep trying it ever since the launch of iOS 11.) The truth is, it’s too inaccurate to be of real use. Plain and simple.

not working

3 for effort, and nice tutorials (insted of 1) picture looks too dark, hard to detect brown square table and measure length. first points “moves” even if corner has enough contrast and the lighting is good.

Greate start

Still needs some work but off to a great start


Works like magic (with some bugs though). Definitely worth trying out

Worst app ever

I own an iPhone 6s and the “new” a.k.a. 2017 iPad. This tool could not even see a basic Walmart/IKEA type of table. It just kept saying “line up with surface”. Measured this table at 11 feet, after it finally “found” it. It is 2 feet.

Very cool and helpful

This app proved really handy in getting a rough measurement of my living room for a flooring job. It can be a little fiddly if you don’t have good lighting in the room - getting it to detect surfaces at the start is problematic if the surfaces are reflecting too much or the room is too dim. But when it’s working, it’s really slick.

Handy to have in my pocket

Writing this review after using the app for a few weeks. I must say that I’m really happy to be using this rather than going to the closet and looking for a tape measure. What a great idea. The UI is pretty intuitive and I find that I can use it quickly now. I have also played around with the floor plan creator and it’s a really cool concept for DIY. Great product — give it a try!

Simple easy and effective measurements

Easy uncluttered Interface makes it easy to measure distances (between walls, size of object etc) Feature Requests for App developers: Add a 3-axis cross hair to the point selector to help accurately align the point with a corner. Add optional grid lines, aligned to the floor or wall, so measurements can be made along a level plane.

Doesn’t work w iPhone 8 Plus

I just bought this app in good faith and now I regret it. After opening it stays on a front loading screen that says “Swipe to continue” faded out (as if still loading?) and it doesn’t recognize my finger. I’ve pressed multiple ways and times. Closed and reloaded. Nothing. Doesn’t work If you have a new iPhone or the new OS don’t bother.

Great time saver

This is a great tool for me to quickly measure for my estimates. I would say it is pretty accurate as far as the measuring. Very handy and hopefully they add some more cool features but for the most part really enjoy it! Thanks

Works Perfectly

Just make sure you have enough light in the room which you should anyway if you need to measure something and it will do its job. Great app!

Never detects

Just sits there trying to detect no matter the room or the lighting and does nothing. I’ve looked at your support page. No help. Waste of money! PLEASE REFUND.


The wall level feature is insanely cool

Didn’t work even once

I love throwing money away! This stupid app didn’t work even one time on my iPhone 8. All it said was could find any flat surfaces. Hello? I’m pointing directly at the floor in a perfectly lite room. Waste!


The measurement tool is pretty nice but it works on the horizontal axis which confuses people like me first time. Other than that other tool works pretty fine but it’s laggy sometimes.

Does not work

Only says “Initializing track... move gently” and never does anything on an iPhone 6S.


The idea is great!! Like the idea of world peace, it don’t work. Simple test, stand in one place and measure, move a little and remeasure 3 times three different lengths, no where near actual.👎👎👎

Bull... I want my $2 back.

I got excited. It probably was the yellow color and overall branding that convinced me to waste my money. The app did not work in my house. I tried pointing at almost everything including my hand and arm. Nothing worked.

Good accuracy but still needs some work

First of all thumbs up for fairly accurate measurements. Vertical measurement is on top priority.

Just doesn’t measure up



I can’t believe how ridiculously cool this is. I’ve used Occipital’s 360 pano app for years, I’m so glad to see they came out with another totally cool app! It far surpasses my expectations, I didn’t know phones could do this sort of thing

Doesn’t work on air2

This app doesn’t work on iPad Air 2 anymore !

nice quick floor plan

measured my room and saved the plan so I can bring it up on my phone when I go to ikea this weekend. worked well for me and seems accurate. had to guesstimate the corners covered with furniture, maybe why the plan looks a little skewed. wish there was a 90-degree corner mode or something. still, way better than a tape measure pencil and paper

Initial Learning Curve

When I first opened this app I was pretty critical as it didn't seem to work off the bat BUT I went back and watched the videos which helped me get my bearings. (Thanks for the videos) Now that I've tried it a few times it feels more intuitive. I ran into some issues with capturing the floor and emailed their support to find out that there was a quirk with ARKit and uniform colored floors. This was fixed easily by putting a magazine on the floor. (Thanks support) I'm definitely looking forward to playing around with the SketchUp export and future app updates.

Not to be trusted

The Measuring of inch's is very inaccurate, I literally did a 12 inch Ruler and it was off by an inch.



Amazed at what it can do

Having tried a number of ARKit apps, this is one that is truly useful. In a matter of seconds, I was able to build an accurate model of my living room, which I can now use for an interior design project I have planned. It's also just plain fun to go around measuring everything I see! Five stars.

This app is awesome!!

Latest update is a little confusing because of the slide to continue arrow pointing in the wrong direction. The app works and the developers response is a super helpful feature.

No Surface Found

The app can’t find any surfaces. I have tried a desk, whiteboard, door, shoe, mousepad. Nothing is detected.


Great idea and use of a smartphone! The use cases are unlimited. Looking forward to watching you perfect it. Thank you!

Another great app from Occipital!

I am a huge fan of their Structure Sensor and now TapMeasure as Occipital continues to create great products.

Good idea

This is a really cool and great idea, although with that in mind it wasn’t able to work as advertised, I tested it in a really well lit area and it had a couple of problems. 1) I had to keep moving the object around the room to find a spot for the app to even let me measure, it didn’t have enough confidence or points to go off of for some reason. 2) the measurements were off a perfect example I didn’t was measure a rectangle menu. It’s a 13 3/4”x6 1/2” menu (this was the closest object it got to getting the right measurement) it had plenty of points on the menu and when it measured it the app said it was 13”x 6” so it means that up. This was the one it got the closest but still, this menu or “media” should be relatively easy to measure compared to others, but it wasn’t able to.

Lot of potential...keep up the good work

Though the app crash several times before completing measurement and have to restart the apps. On iphone 6s plus. please fix.

Amazing app

Very well done, works really smoothly

Works pretty well

Main complaint is the camera is blurry. It anchors the points pretty good.

Only works below eye level.

Below eye level, it seems to work okay. Get about 1-2feet above eye level when measuring vertically, then it goes crazy. Attempted to measure something vertical. As soon as I got about 1 foot higher than my height (I’m 6’ tall), then it suddenly said it was 23’ tall. Smh.

Great use of AR

This was pretty easy to use once I got it calibrated on a surface. It took a little while for the horizontal but lane to take. Once it did, the measurements were easy to make and highly accurate.

Good when the lighting is good.

A mostly precise measuring tool. I would personally still use something like a real tape measure for home renovation, but anything which you need a “good enough” measurement will work fine. If your lighting is dark, then you will want to turn up the lights to get more precise measurements.

Doesn’t work.

The app simply doesn’t work. I think Apple approved it to fill out their AR apps. Possibly under perfect conditions it might be ok but we tried for 2 hours and nothing worked.

Measurement Tool doesn’t work properly.

You can only measure things bellow you. Also, it’s not always accurate. I wish the measurement tool worked correctly each and every time and that you could measure objects in front of you or even above you. It would be a shame to cut materials to the measurement provided and it doesn’t fit properly. Too bad.

Best arkit app

simple intuitive. this is what I was looking for Thanks

Shocked it works for some

I tried measuring a very simple, straight line. It told me it was 4’ 10”. I measured it with a tape measure and it was 4’ 6”. No thank you. Not worth the risk. I’ll stick with the tape measure.

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